You're Pregnant and You Need a Village

Written by: Janel Duffy
Posted: January 02, 2021
As much as you might love your mom and respect your older sister’s advice, it’s really great to have a growing support network of people-- A VILLAGE-- that grows with you during pregnancy and beyond. A village of people with sage advice, with medical expertise, with the exact same timeline as you feeling the things that you’re feeling. A village that provides encouragement, hope, understanding, knowledge, and sometimes your village just sits there with you as you cry or laugh saying to you: “I get it.”
Putting together a village for yourself can help you feel supported and confident as you enter into motherhood, whether it's your first time or your fifth. Having a village allows you to get the support you need from the most capable people on your timeline, rather than relying on one or two close friends to drop their schedules to be all of the things that you might want or need. Our registry gives you the place to create your own village, where you’re hand selecting the people and the support you want throughout your pregnancy and beyond.

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