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“The service you provide here immediately helped a family I am currently serving and they returned to pay me in full, with so much pride.”

-Krystal, Northern Sun Birth Services, Michigan
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BeHerVillage was founded by Kaitlin McGreyes, a doula and mother of three. Listen to hear how she created BeHerVillage to help doulas and birthworkers tap into the $12 billion baby gift industry.


  • Get comfortable talking about money.
  • State your prices with confidence.
  • Learn how to tap into the baby shower industry.
  • Teach your potential customers about the value you offer.
Stop lowering your prices when new parents are getting THOUSANDS of dollars of baby gear they don’t need.
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$12 Billion is spent every year on baby shower gifts.
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When someone gifts your service to a new mom everyone wins. The new mom gets the support they need, their loved ones get to buy the perfect gift, and you get clients who have the funds to pay for your support.

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