We’re helping families get the funds they need to pay for the support you provide.

Be Her Village is a groundbreaking new gift registry platform that helps new moms get the funds they need to pay for services like yours. Instead of being gifted thousands of dollars of expensive baby items (42 newborn-size onesies anyone?) we're helping new moms get what they really need: Your support!

Be Her Village was founded by Kaitlin McGreyes, a doula and mother of three. We envision a world where every new mom gets the support she needs.


  • Doulas
  • Childbirth Education
  • Lactation Support
  • Pelvic Floor PT
  • Bodywork
  • Mental Health
  • And More!

New moms need support, not a bunch of baby gear. With our gift registry their friends and family gift them funds to pay for the support they deserve.


The motherhood industry is finally tapping into the baby shower market. With Be Her Village, businesses are able to offer their clients a new way to afford their services. We are the financial bridge between new moms and the businesses that take care of them.


You tell your clients about Be Her Village. We’ll send you tools to talk to every new family you are working with about how they can benefit from a Be Her Village registry for support.

New families fill up their gift registry with the support they are looking for. They receive funds from their loved ones directly into their account

Families pay you the same way they do right now. The way you do business doesn’t change. You keep 100% of your fee.

No strings attached.

We help your clients access money to pay you.

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When someone gifts your service to a new mom everyone wins. The new mom gets the support they need, their loved ones get to buy the perfect gift, and you get clients who have the funds to pay for your support.

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We are working to improve maternal health in our communities through an innovative partnership with Maternal Spotlight, a nonprofit research organization.

We are more than just gifts. Find out how we are making a difference.


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