Author: Janel Duffy

How Google Made My Postpartum Anxiety Worse
I Had a Homebirth and I Needed My Doula
Quarantine is My Postpartum 2.0
Top 10 Registry Essentials Not Found At Target
Chores for Visitors
Send Food, Not Flowers
You're Late and You're Off the Hook
Our First Birthday, Quarantine Style
We Are All Alanis Morissette
The Time I Fed My Baby Donor Milk
BHV- Changing the Way We Baby Shower
The New Way To Baby Shower
Tips on Hosting a Virtual Baby Shower
Customizing Your Be Her Village Registry
The Sleep Saga
First Night Away
Feeling Anything But Normal After Baby
Button Snap Jammies Are The Worst
Breastfeeding In Public
Momala Harris for Blended Families
Introducing: "Sex and the Suburbs"
"It's Just a Phase" and Other Favorite Sayings
Happy Thanksgiving, Please Don't Touch
I Look Like I Had a Baby
Why You Need the Be Her Village Registry
Why Moms Need Support Not Stuff
Balancing My Daughter and Me
Creating Your Be Her Village Registry
We're Making Our Mark
You're Pregnant and You Need a Village
Baby Showers Are Out and Mom Villages Are In
Registry Must Haves
Dating Me (And My Baby)
Even If You Don't Love Being Pregnant You're Still a Good Mom
Hearing Baby's Heartbeat
The Day We Were Born: Janel's Birth Story


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