Button Snap Jammies Are The Worst

Written by: Janel Duffy
Posted: November 03, 2020
I am convinced that the person who created the button snap pajamas for babies and newborns never actually had to dress a newborn, ESPECIALLY in the middle of the night. I know I’m not the only mom who has silently (maybe not so silently) cursed the button snap jammies during a 2am diaper change. On the rare occasion that I’d snap all 8-12 snaps perfectly in a row on the first time, I felt like a champion. 

But more often than not, I’d give up after getting the snaps misaligned and just snap whatever three or four snaps to keep the jammies from falling off. 

Those snaps are definitely convenient if you need to quickly rip off an outfit, but they are infuriating when you’re trying to swiftly change a soaked diaper in the middle of the night while keeping the lights low, and trying not to move too much so the baby stays asleep. Those 8-12 snaps are hard enough to line up on those wiggly baby legs during the day time, and basically impossible to get them all lined up on the first try in the pitch dark bedroom. The best jammies, in my opinion, are the ones with the zippers. And better yet, the ones where the zipper starts on the bottom of the leg. You zip up the leg so you’re just taking out the bottom half of baby’s body, and the tummy, torso and arms are still wrapped up cozy. 

The best part, you can zipper with your eyes closed. 

The zipper jammies are quiet and non frustrating-- so middle of the night diaper changes can happen nice and quickly so everybody can get back to bed where they belong. And, legend has it, as told from the mamas before me, these footie zipper-from-the-bottom jammies are especially awesome when the babies become toddlers and they can do the zipping on their own. Winning all around.
Category: Fourth Trimester
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